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I’ll Be Back After The Election.

Authorised by Jon Field, Level 2, 17 Garrett Street, Wellington.

Just wanting to let our readers know that I am standing as the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand candidate for the electorate of Northcote in this year’s general election.

As a nationaI Young Greens Co-Convenor, I will be communicating through Party channels until November 26th and don’t want this to be confused for one of them. Blogging about animal legal issues, ecology and life outside Party politics will resume after the election.

I know that people like to split their vote in an MMP election so, if you have to choose, it’s your Party vote we want. For now at least, that’s how we get our MPs into Parliament.

Remember there’s also a referendum on MMP being held at the same time. I believe that MMP is the fairest system of the available options because it is the most proportional and allows representation of interests that would normally be subsumed into the two party system. I’d like to remind you that there will be a review of the operation of MMP in New Zealand in the result of a vote to retain the system so you don’t have to think it’s perfect, just that it’s better than the alternatives.




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